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The work of International Alliance

Enlarging the network

Any indigenous-led organisation based in a tropical forest country can become a member of the Alliance. Currently, the Alliance has a diverse range of members, including local organisations, national bodies and regional organisations that themselves represent a large number of peoples and communities. However, the Alliance is always keen to make contact with other interested organisations, particularly environmental and human rights orientated NGOs and agencies, tropical forest campaign centres, research and publication centres, and governmental, regional and international bodies. The more the Alliance interacts with different organisations around the world, the greater will be the impact of its members on international fora and inter-governmental decision-making.

Building and training programs

Regional capacity building programs implemented by the Alliance focus on designing and implementing training programs within the regions on issues such as human rights, international law and other issues of importance to indigenous peoples. Support is also provided to the regions through the ITS in the form of information dissemination and coordination to ensure that work between the regions is complementary and effective.

Monitoring and international policy making

. International policy work is carried out in two ways: primarily, through a system of 'Focal Points' in which members of the ICC are nominated to follow specific international processes; and secondarily, through the ITS' preparation of briefing papers and submission of funding applications to ensure regional participation in these processes


The International Alliance

The International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests is a worldwide network of organizations representing indigenous and tribal peoples living in tropical forest regions (Africa, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas). The Alliance was founded in 1992 during an indigenous conference in Malaysia, where the Charter of the Alliance was adopted, and has been fighting continuously for the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples ever since.

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