Regions of the International Alliance

The Nine Regions of the International Alliance
In each of the nine regions of the Alliance there is an indigenous peoples’ organization which has volunteered to act as the regional secretariat of the Alliance. These secretariats coordinate the work of the Alliance on a regional level, and each has a regional secretary dedicated to following up and implementing Alliance activities as planned by the ICC. This page is intended as a brief introduction to the regions, and to the secretaries working with in them, for further information we recommend contacting the regional secretariats directly.

Bahasa Region

The Bahasa Region is coordinated through the Ikatan Cendekiawan Tanimbar Indonesia organization, based in Jakarta. The region covers three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The regional secretary is Mr. Hubertus Samangun.

Central African Region

The Central African region is coordinated through the Association pour la Promotion Batwa (APB) with the assistance of the regional secretary, Mr Kalimba Zephyrin. The region covers Rwanda, where the secretariat is based, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, the Central African Republic, Gabon and Cameroon.

Meso-American Region

The MesThe Meso-American region includes Mexico in the north, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The regional secretary is Mr. Gilberto Solano

East African Region

The East African region is the newest in the Alliance, established in the 4th Conference in 2001 and the work of the secretariat covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and southern Sudan. The regional secretary is Lucy Mulenkei

Southeast Asian Region

The Southeast Asian region of the International Alliance is coordinated through the Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT) with the assistance of the regional secretary, Mr Sakda Saenmi. The region covers the mainland Southeast Asian states of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Burma and Viet Nam.

South American Region

The South American region is coordinated through the autonomous regional organization COICA. Further information regarding COICA and the work it does can be found at .The region covers the amazonian countries of Brazil, Surinam, Guyana, French Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The regional secretary is Mr. Edwin Vasquez

South Asian Region

The South Asia region of the IAITPTF is coordinated from Nepal, under the guidence of the regional coordinator Mr Parshuram Tamang.The region covers the indigenous peoples living in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

West African Region

The West African region covers the countries of Nigeria, Togo, the Benin Republic, Niger, Gambia, Senegal, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Work in the region is assisted by Mr. Alfred Ilenre, regional secretary for West Africa.

Pacific Region

The Pacific Region is coordinated through Ole Siosiomaga Society Incorporated (OLSSI) with the assistance of the regional secretary, by Mr. Fiu Mataese Elisara